Pictures from"Live Eels" Pictures from"Live Eels" Charlie, Kathy and Andrew Bradford My parents and I - in the front room of the prefab in Edmonton. about 1952 108202793 Charlie Bradford aged 20 Charlie Bradford, aged 20 - In 1926 108202796 Kathy as a young woman Kathy as a young woman - 1930s 108202802 Wedding Photo Charlie and Kathy's wedding in Wandsworth, 1945 108202801 Charlie, Kathy and Andrew Charlie, Kathy and Andrew - outside the prefab in Edmonton, about 1948 or 1949 108202804 Andrew Bradford Andrew Bradford - As a schoolboy -early 1950s 108202794 Charlie and Andrew Charlie and Andrew - Charlie used to take me out in this invalid trike -early 1950s 108202795 Kathy and Andrew Kathy and Andrew - Shopping, about 1950. A shopping trip to Edmonton Green is the inspiration for the book title 108202799 The Committee The committee of the North London Branch of the Invalid Tricycle Association - 1950s. Charlie Bradford is second from the left in the top row. 108202798 Floss and Nellie Floss and Nellie - At the author's wedding in 1978 108202797 Charlie and Kathy Charlie and Kathy - At the author's wedding in 1978 108202800 Kathy with Pope John Paul II Kathy with Pope John Paul II - The Vatican, 1980s 108202803